Nice to see Brinkley getting some run on MNF |

Nice to see Brinkley getting some run on MNF

He's gained some explosiveness since he graduated. Looks good.
Big fan of Boonah's!

Glad to see that his unexpected injuries didn't derail his professional career, and it's nice to see that he's been able to stick in the league for a few years--good for him!
What I don't understand is in that last shot of the luxury box with Schottenheimer and Lamar Hunt's kid, why on earth were they sitting so close together? I mean, come on. Someone has to give the other guy a courtesy seat.
Don't forget about one of my favorites starting at SS Steve Gregory. Looks great out there. Never would have expected he'd have a long NFL career.
Hell of a catch by Brinkley to set up his own touchdown...that dive reminded me of his dive/pile drive from the 7 yards line years ago (where he fumbled.) That was Brinkley right?
Curtis Brinkley singlehandedly getting San Diego back in the game. Wow.
Come on Tirico-Remind me where Brinkley went to school. Hope this puts Boonah on the map and in the NFL for the long term.
Wow, both those plays were so close. We'll see if the 2 points stand.
Brinkley is quickly turning himself into the POTG for San Diego...Gruden's loving him some Boonah.
lol...Brinkley goes airborn on every run.
lol...Brinkley goes airborn on every run.
Dude's excited. Can't say I blame him. This is his chance he's been looking for, after all he's been through. Good for him.

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