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Sep 2, 2011
I love the overcompensating that occurs in college basketball (although it happens in all sports to varying degrees). Take us, the "magical" team who was showered with more positive adjectives to describe how we kept winning to now, after three losses (two of which were to top 5 teams mind you) who are simply now seen as damaged goods. Now if you are talking about us being with Grant, I would agree, we are a damaged team. However, this isn't about Grant for most people talking about us... it's going 25-0 and now losing 3 out of our last four (but again, look at who those two teams were and the team we had to put on the court against UVA).

That all being said, doesn't really bother me except when you start hearing things about how battle tested Kansas is and deserves the 1 seed over us even though they lost last weekend to an unranked team. I can appreciate that they have the most difficult schedule, but at some point, you have to take notice of losses. I can't believe it if they get a 1 seed.

Witchita State goes from being considered just good by many because of their schedule to now many calling them a great team. This turn really took full course after they finished out their regular season undefeated. They lose a game in their tourney, watch what overcompensation will occur the opposite way for them.

UVA - yeah, I'm really impressed with what I saw on Saturday. They played as fine of a second half as they may play all year. However, before that game, they received very little talk or respect. Now, in my opinion, are being made to be bigger than what they are. Again, they are good... but a little perspective. The same knocks that they received prior to the Syracuse game should still apply now. They flat out beat us but without Grant, most top 15 teams would/will as well. Imagine what Duke or UNC will do in the NCAAT against us without Grant. I don't like thinking about it.

My point with all of this is simply that people overcompensate and I think that people (many of which wear Orange) aren't giving our squad the respect that they deserve. As I mentioned before, without Grant, that is understandable. However, it has been a long time since we have had a full complement of healthy players (Grant/Keita). If we can get back to that, I don't think we see the magnitude of struggles that we have seen recently. When Grant and/or Keita have been injured, we are simply just a much different team because it impacts us on so many levels. I don't think we go back to scoring 70+ a game if Grant comes back healthy, but I do think enough to play with anyone, much like the 25-0 team.
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Based on your subject, I figured this was another Kentucky thread!

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