Rewatched the first half last night |

Rewatched the first half last night


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Aug 26, 2011
Few notes:
-looked like Ennis was trying to make highlight reel plays to get the crowd going early. Once he settled back into his regular game he played very well.

-cooney ran paige into the ground. His shoots weren't off by much and looked like he ran himself ragged as well and wasn't getting the needed lift on his jumper. The same tired legs looked to effect all the unc shooters as well so perhaps what he and ennis do on offense have a huge impact on how well they defend up top.

- cj grant or jerami fair... lets just call it like it is. These two are practically clones at this point. Both knocking down 15 footers, both have great rebounding instints. I'm amazed at how well they track the ball and time their jumps for rebounds. Fair is a bit more polished obviously but grant seems longer with a bit better hops. Would love to see JG work a 3 point shot into his arsenal now that opposing players are afraid to play tight on him outside.

-does rak remind anyone else of jeremy mcneil? He's got a bit more talent but he is the same kind of beast inside when he's on his game. Loved the baby hook as well.

-baye is baye. Great effort as always and his hands seem to be improving. Slides well in the zone but seems to play off balance and lean a bit which gets him into foul trouble. He needs to go straight up to deter shots a bit more but he will be an important piece for us.

-silent g did very well. His handle looked tight, his defense is much improved, and he's finally pulling the trigger with more confidence. He finally is looking like a 6'7 gaurd vs a small foreward trying to play gaurd.

-does roy williams ever call timeouts? He just stood there and watched as his team jacked up ugly shots and we went on our first half run


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Aug 27, 2011
Yeah, agree. Definitely has show more offensive ability than the two.

Yep and if we needed it I think he could give us more. McNeil was awesome anchoring the press he would just destroy shots all the back to half court and we'd have a fast break the other way. Crazy vertical for such a beefy upperbody.

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