SyraCRUZ Tailgate NIL Initiative 2024 - Open for Business! |

SyraCRUZ Tailgate NIL Initiative 2024 - Open for Business!


Co 2020 Cali Award Winner, Record Thru 5 Games
Aug 27, 2011
When we launched the concept of offering donated funds for the use of a player’s NIL in rebranding our tailgate, the thought was if we could ever raise $500 or so it might be a viable idea. Upon publishing to this forum to gauge interest it started to become clear that we had come up with something much larger than those modest aspirations. Your generosity blew away anything we could have hoped for, and wehave now raised over $37,000 in direct donations. We have completed transactions with 28 different student athletes in six sports with payments over $30,000 and set a standard for crowd sourced NIL fund raising, not only at Syracuse but nationwide.

With that high bar established we are ready to launch Year 3 of the SyraCRUZ Tailgate. We have a good sized nest egg that gives us the confidence to start negotiating with Enrique Cruz and renew our partnership for the 2024 season, though no commitment will be made until the spring transfer portal window has closed. That has been supplemented by our recently completed recruiting challenge where donors pledged a set amount for every 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star high school recruit that Coach Fran brought onboard and signed in the early signing period. Thank god I didn;t include transfers or it would have been a pretty barren Christmas in my household!
There is still a gap to be made up and we don’t currently have funding for a second football player or for weekly tailgate guest appearances, so I am reaching out again for pledges for the upcoming season. At this point I would ask that you message or email me ( with your board name, real name, email address and pledge amount. I will provide payment details and start the collection process. We are working on a major development that would be greatly supported by any payments by the end of January, but we will remain open for pledges 365 days a year (make that 366 this leap year!) and payments for the 2024 program can be made as late as this summer,

Our plan is to meet with and get Enrique’s input on some of the details shortly after his return to campus, so if you plan to donate it would be helpful if you reach out in the next couple of weeks. I would also welcome any suggestions for additional projects that we can embark on to expand our offering.

We have truly been overwhelmed by the support of this initiative and can’t wait to see how we can top it in 2024-25! And again, stay tuned. I should be able to announce in the next few weeks a major development that will truly move us to next level.
Wonderful response already. We really are looking for ideas to initiate new projects with student athletes going forward in addition to suggestions for new merchandising options. Feel free to post either here or PM me.

And I still have a limited number of Ts, photos and koozies left if you would like to participate that way. See the merchandise post for details.

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