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Aug 26, 2011
No- not this week's- last weeks, which I neglected to tune into or call. It's on the podcasts now which they have updated after I E-mailed Matt Park.

The coach’s show is on TK99, (FM 99.5) in the Syracuse area and can also be heard through Orange All-Access on the SU Athletic website. It’s 8PM Thursdays- or two days before each game, when they are not on Saturday. They have a link to their “Radio Mailbox” for submitting E-Mail questions on the SU Athletic website. You also can call in questions at 1-888-740-2873 or locally at 315-424-8599.

In past years it took sometimes weeks for a podcast to turn up on the SU athletics website, so I tried to do a virtual transcript of the show. This year I missed the first show and the pod cast was available the next day at this site:
This year I’ll start out by just summarizing the main points and referring people to the pod cast to listen to the whole thing. If the pod cast starts appearing later- such as after the next game, I’ll go back to doing more of a transcript.

My Questions/Comments

“Coach, the were three plays that were the difference vs. USC - the three long scoring passes. If you take them out the score is even and so are the rest of the stats. They got those plays because they could protect the quarterback. We didn’t because we can’t. We also don’t force turnovers, get long kick returns or block kicks. We have to go on 10-12 play drives with no mistakes to score. That’s hard to do. What can we do to be a more explosive team that doesn’t need such long drives to score?”

Coach Marrone

You can get the full show on the podcast. The main points:

He expressed frustraion that we still haven't "put it all together" in all three phases of the game in his tenure. We give good effort but don't play smart all the time. . They talked about penalities, which are actually down but we seem to get them at the wrong times. In the first dirve vs. USC they got three points when they needed 7 but we've acutlaly been very good in the red zone this eyar- 8 scores in 10 tries, 7 of them touchdowns. "65% will put you in the top ten of the coutnry". I don't know if he meant scoring or scoring touchdowns.

They talked about Noon games and the player's "body clocks. Waking them up at 4AM was "not out of the quesiton" in trying to get them to adjust porperly to perform in a Noon game after coming back from the coast.

In a change of topic, the Coach discussed who his favortie Yankee players were. He likes Jorge Posada a lot but Mariano Rivera is #1. he hopes Posada can make the post-season roster.

The tlaked aobut the young players, espcially Keondrick Lyn, (the coach uses his full name)< who got burned on one play but otherwise played well vs. USC. "Then he got hurt and we have to do a better job of getting Brandon reddish some hlep." Coach noted that Shamrko Thomas had just gone out before Reddish was burned, which didn't help.

In answer to my question, Coach noted that we already ahve more big plays, (30+ yards) than we did last year. He said Nassibs succes hasn't been on short passes but he's also gone over the top. But the big thing they have to do to get big plays is to run the ball better. That will create "seams" downfield that will enable the receivers to get loose for long passes. They also ahve to catch slants when there is pressure and break tackles. "We've seen what happens when other teams do that against us." he said Kobena was "a step from breaking it several times" but was nursing an injury. "It's frustrating at times. But nobody's more frustrated than the players and the coaches. On defense you just need one guy to make a play and stop the offense but on offense, one mistake can ruin the play."

He siad that the team knows all aobut Toledo and how tough they can be- its' the fans who may have underrated them. Matt suggested that "We need to pout the hammer down early against them" but the coach said we need to play the whole game- 60 minutes, (the Coach was right!)

He was asked aobut Adonis Ameen Moore. "He's a great talnet. He ahs great balance. We need to get his weight down to give him stamina. it's not that he's out of shape but he needs to burn calories to get his endurance up. Right now we coudln't play him for more than 3-4 plays before we'd have to take him out of the game. We want him in the mix." He said that Jerome Smith was another big back who would definately be "in the mix". "Sometimes with young players people tend to try to push them, but sometimes it takes time...We need to run between the tackles..we need to make a committment to run the ball so we can get plays downfield. We did a good job running the ball early at USC but we got behind. "

Matt ended by describing SU players who had both thrown and cuaght TD passes in the same game. One was Scvott Schwedes in a game Doug had played in vs. Temple in 1985. Doug said the only thing he could remember about 1985 was losing the Penn State game, (after a late fumble when we were running out the clock). "You never forget those."
That '85 PSU game was a heartbreaker. Donnie Mac threw a bomb to Siano (I think) towards the corner that I was sitting in that was a thing of beauty.

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