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Oct 30, 2011
Attended the game last night in Blacksburg. Picked tickets off of stubhub in Section 11 (40 yard line) Row V of the Syracuse side. Awesome tickets. Notwithstanding the result, I highly recommend attending a night game at Virginia Tech. It was an exhilarating unique experience.

Drove down from CVille in the mid-afternoon. Glorious fall day. Blue sky. 80 degrees. Speed limit is 70 mph with traffic going 75 mph.

Could not find any detail about public parking online prior to the game. All the cadets manning the parking lots had little advice. Some dude offered to sell me a counterfeit lot pass for $80. Passed on that. Broke the code and found parking behind someone's house off of Southgate Road for $40. Paved path through the woods right to the stadium. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Energy at the stadium was fantastic. Basically, everyone is either a student or an alum. The alums drive from all over at least 4.5 hour radius for the home games. It was like a giant fraternity party/ sorority party spanning all age groups. Everyone has at least a couple of beers in them when they arrive and they then drink beer through the whole game. But, it is not unruly. The fans we encountered were super nice and super gracious and wanted to know throughout if we were having fun. Pulled pork barbecue with sauce and chips and beer were fantastic. Weather in mid 60s throughout the game.

Great sky dive show to start the game. Fans did their Enter Sandman thing Sound system is great and rocks throughout. Overall, the whole experience was A+.

Now, for the game, things seem to be in total disarray on both sides of the ball. On defense, there is no pressure on the QB and other than having some wheels, the QB was nothing special. On offense, the offensive line cannot keep opposing teams out of the backfield and can't open holes. The safety in particular was shocking.

Sadly, we have reached the point where a rebuild is necessary either with the current staff or with a new staff. I believe it is time to change directions notwithstanding whatever happens these last 4 games. Makes me sad as I wanted this group to succeed but after 8 years for whatever the reasons it is time for a fresh approach.

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