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What to make of the Benny minutes.

It looked like there has been zero change which is very bad.

I hope that he puts it together but wouldn’t bet any money on it.
I agree. He's a jump shooter. All this athletic ability talked about never shows up. Not a good defender or rebounder. Indecisive. Gets a pass because we won and it was his first action but looks like the same player
Rust? It’s basketball. He plays it everyday in practice. He’s been bad for 2 years already, no reason to think this year will be any different
No basketball guru here but I never understood why some fans are so enamored. Does not take much advantage of his hight, shooting is not that good and does not hit the boards. Now my hope is he proves me totally in error
We'll need him before it's all said and done. Just a gut feel and hope. May end up being wrong.

I think he needs to focus on D and rebounding and stop worrying about being a scorer. I think it will happen naturally if he contributes more in other areas.
He needs to do the dirty work and play with constant energy. He should be down low. Battling for boards. Getting put backs and running in transition. The Benny of the last five games last year figured that out. He was back to the old version today.
Benny reminds me of a player who needs to be knocked into to have a good game. He'll run around the perimeter for hours if you let him.

If I was his coach I'd make him set up on the blocks first play...fight it out, then work his way back outside.
Yea Bennys issues are largely upstairs. Lots of talent and raw athleticism. Beyond that, it’s up to him to want the rest of it and to put in the hard work.
Its hard to believe he contributed nothing to the comeback because Benny Williams only plays well when we are down 20+ points it was Benny time when we made our run.

I think we need to press for close to 40 minutes and just call it of on certain possessions like after made threes. He is fine as 9th/10th on the depth chart. If Bell and Brown round out and we get production from the centers I don't see any minutes for him though.
Yea Bennys issues are largely upstairs. Lots of talent and raw athleticism. Beyond that, it’s up to him to want the rest of it and to put in the hard work.
A lot in the head. Also I think that is why the team came out so flat. Colgate was also in the head after the past 2 years. That is how the world of sports psychology came about. This is why I hope Benny does not read this as it won't help him get out of his head and into his right place.
Cope definitively is. Taylor at least shows more effort on the glass

Taylor is a good player when we were still down 6 or 7 and it wasn't sure if we'd climb the mountain right before he hit that big three I was going to comment that only getting 3 points from Taylor on 1-6 shooting is the difference in the game.

Taylor went 2-5 from three so still a reliable threat from range. Only taking 2 FGs inside the arc isn't OK we need this guy to give us 10-15 points every game the rest of the team is just too hit or miss and he's pretty consistent.
Benny is going to get plenty of opportunities. Ideally our best lineup is probably him at the 4 and Brown at the 5.

We can’t go with Taylor as essentially our 4 man going into next week. Red will need to decide who he goes with at the 3 between Bell and Taylor.

I agree Benny was probably rusty; but we’re going to have to live through the growing pains with him
Is Red going to reel Benny in and tell him how he needs to play? Based on watching all sorts of bad shots, it seems like Red doesn't want to limit players like JB did. Good for recruiting and retaining players, could be bad for winning games.

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