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Worst 4 game stretch since Reaves Baysinger, 1948

Yep fighting a forest fire with a garden hose. Only way we ever compete for a few years is to have a phenomenal head coach. A special head coach. I just don't ever see the recruiting ever being anything better than a tick better than what it has been ( ON PAPER) for reasons discussed at nauseum here.

Our odds are much better of catching lightning in a bottle for a few years with a HC than recruiting 60 kids that all are ACC type level

Kansas has gotten really good not because Leipold is some crazy recruiter it's because he's a hell of a football coach who has quite a few assistants that have been with him for a number of years. His OC has been with him for 12 years. I mean Dino is on his 5th OC in 8 years? That's not a recipe for success. Employee Turnover is not a key ingredient for many successful organizations
THIS and ONLY this. This is in fact it in a nutshell. What I would add is that a few good seasons would also go a long way in improving recruiting of course. Not in comparison with the elites, but improvement nonetheless. Now...what are the odds of catching lightning in a bottle? Well, I can tell you that they're near zero if a program isn't trying their best to.

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