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Is anyone honestly surprised?

Honestly ask yourself..are you really surprised it’s all came to the surface finally?

Basketball as a whole as completely changed since the 2000’s (college, nba etc). It’s a shooting sport now.
We still run a defense that no one runs exclusively in the country…because it’s outdated.
We still run the same “offense” from the 90s and 2000s…it’s outdated.

No one else neglects the transfer portal like we do/have been doing.
No one brings in a 8 man freshmen class of non 5 star players like we did. It’s a recipe for this.

I think it’s all just hit the fan all at once now. I think it’s been masked or “lipstick on a pig” with a great regular season or a crazy run in the tourny in the past.

Just sad to watch and I feel for the players
I am surprised by what we are seeing.

But I don’t feel for the players. Mostly, because wr have not recruited better ones. When you watch tape of teams from 2010-14, while there are players that developed a la Fair and Jackson, the talent of the Waiters’, etc is everything.
This is precisely why we are where we are. We lacked any of the connective tissue of prior classes, guys who had grown into contributors and knew the system. That's why we've fallen apart.
Agreed. I don't put much stock in pre-season rankings, but it warrants mention that in Spring 2021 we were pre-season ranked #25 for like a week before all those guys entered the portal. Obviously those rankings are often way off and are loaded with recency bias from the tournament (see UNC), but that was a group that could have developed and done well, while sprinkling in a few recruits for depth. We would have been, at the very least, on the bubble the last two years instead of enduring this train wreck.

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