Marek drawn charge


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Aug 30, 2011
On one hand there's gotta be a way to prevent offensive players from doing what the Hoya ballhandler did and bulling their way to the hoop. No place for that.
"no place for that" - i mean it wasnt a cheap shot, he wasnt trying to hurt Marek.

There is no place for that in the exact same sense there is no place for a defensive foul on a shooter (a clear foul on the center or something, at least as clear as this offensive foul which was very very very clear and non-debatable) but not a cheap shot. just a foul. an easy, easy call. make the call and play the next play like the other 25-30 fouls per game that you dont say "no place for that"


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Jun 8, 2018
Looking at the replay again it looks like the guy's arm extension guaranteed the charge call. He extends his left arm right into Dolezaj and gives him a forearm shiver before the rest of his body runs into him. The ref is at a perfect angle to see it too. The refs have been all over that this year. Against Ohio State they called a charge on Battle for lightly grazing the hand of his defender with an extended arm as a he pivoted towards the baseline. Not to mention the Gtown guy picked up his dribble before even being close enough to make a layup! It could have easily been a walk or double dribble if Dolezaj wasn't there. He actually may have even double dribbled on the dribble before he picked it up too, but its hard to tell for sure. Dude was out of control and they call that a charge no matter how much shuffling Dolezaj was still doing.
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