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My sober report


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Aug 16, 2011
truth be told, I watch most games buzzed...drunk. Last night, I did not -- and I was so happy I didn't.

I chose to watch the game at home over a bar, b/c I wanted to be alone, so I can take it all in. And I'm so happy I did -- b/c I got to listen to the love fest from the announcers. For those of you lucky enough to live near the Cuse, and were at the game, I wanted to fill you in on some of the announcing and coverage. It was fantastic.

"The ACC is getting a good fb program from the cuse -- one that is going to compete -- one that is on their way to becoming the old Syracuse" (give or take a few words). "This team has turned the corner" "this is the defining win the program has been looking for" "this is a town that typically counts down for bball season... not now" Then as if it couldn't get any better... they show the bball entrance to midnight madness... to show the whole package

They continued ALL night to show the full "panned out" shot of the packed dome

The dome was LOUD... real loud on tv

The were in love with nassib.. .in love with the d... they gave us all the credit... and it wasn't a "wvu is sucking" type of game -- it was a " we returned to our history" type of game.

btw - a crowd like that... with us going to the acc... pull the meadowlands games and bring them to the dome!
I was hoarse by the end of the first quarter !! LOL
Another point the announcers made a couple of times was that Marrone has the program rebuild ahead of schedule.

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