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Notre Dame Gameday...

If there was one I would take out I agree it would be Mule. Hiltz I think shows more as a dodger than he gets credit, and nobody can recreate what he does for us as a feeder and shooter. A lot can happen when he sweeps across from the left wing. Mule has made teams pay for putting a short stick on him. He stepped up against Army Hopkins and others when they had a short stick for the match up. Yesterday one of the few times he had a short stick he drew a slide and had a nice assist inside to Thomson. But of the three he is definitely the least likely to make something happen against a long pole, and is not especially strong as a shooter.

The offense is a little unorthodox with how much the dodging is concentrated to the middie lines, but we are getting solid looks with some consistency this season. I am not sure if things are broken enough where we have to see a change.
Teams are prepped to slide to d-mids. It may not always be perfect when they do, and they may give up some goals, but they can get their system prepped if it’s just SSDMs getting beat. When they have to slide to poles consistently, it’s game-breaking and completely opens up offenses.

I understand the idea of “if it ain’t broke” but I also don’t think we should accept “very good” with this group of exceptional lacrosse players on offense. If we can start running by poles we’ll be unstoppable.

Again, just my opinion.

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