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There is some good discussion going on about how to fix this struggling team. I want to look more closely at how we handle each possession. I didn’t get everything down so don’t blast me. It’s only for the Old Dominion game.

First, it’s false to say we are an iso team. We run motion off of screens, double high screens, bump screens, using primary curls, or the opposite side which looks like a weave. There are variations of this like with the two bigs that Gino copied with his UConn Women. This strategy also, as in any rudimentary basketball has the option to develop into a pick n roll/pop, or a drive, creating a one on one situation or hopefully a mismatch (which based on personnel, might be tough to get). I decided to look at possessions based on situations to see if it showed anything that we don’t already know.

Pick n Roll/Pop
7 of 8 were unsuccessful
+TB to OB - Pop, OB 3
-EH to Sid - EH bad decision, passed into traffic
-Frank to Sid - properly executed but Sid went 0-2 at the line
-Frank ally to Chu - The pass wasn’t perfect but Chu had plenty of separation. He just couldn’t move or jump.
-Frank to Sid - Sid in post but couldn’t catch, maybe got bumped. More of a traditional postup
-MD to EH - nice play, nice bounce pass but EH got too far under the hoop and missed layup
-OB to CHU - OB bad pass in traffic, should have kept it
-OB to Frank - Give n go, OB bad pass

Thoughts: No surprises here. Our bigs are terrible at this. Frank and MD continue to be our best and most willing passers in the half court. OB should not be handling the ball in this situation.

-Tyus contact but no call
-OB stripped, turnover
+Frank drive and assist to Tyus 3
-OB drive and fumble
+Hughes off double screen MD/Sid
-Buddy drove into the d, got blocked
+JC and one 1-1
+OB fouled 1-2
+Hughes fouled 1-2
+Frank fouled 1-2
+Tyus fouled 1-2
-Hughes miss layup, Frank has to force shot clock 3, miss
-JC turnover
+Tyus fouled 1-2
+OB layup but missed the and one 0-1
-OB miss layup, Chu can’t tip in

Thoughts: Lots of missed free throws. For a team that relies on penetration, free throws are pretty damn important. It’s ridiculous to say free throws don’t matter. We are getting in the lane and getting to the line. So we have to convert at the line especially since we do not get putbacks/rebounds on misses. One good thing was that after Chu got scored on by Robinson twice in a row, Frank drove on Robinson and got the foul. That was a smart play and he was sticking up for his teammate in a way on the court. Robinson was in foul trouble after that.

Jumpers/Threes off iso/screens/perimeter passes
-Frank miss long 2
+Frank 3 and 1
-Buddy miss 3
-Ty miss 3
+Ty 2 off Chu screen
-Frank miss 3 off EH screen
+Ty fouled 2-2
+Ty step back
+Hughes 3
-OB miss 3
-OB step back miss
+EH 3
+Dole baseline
-Ty miss 3
+Frank 3
+Frank to OB 3
-OB baseline fade
+Ty 3

Thoughts: Need more detailed notes. Makes or misses don’t tell the whole story. We got our best looks off of screens and good perimeter passing. We shot 36% from 3. At least 2 misses were end of the shotclock/game when the interior play failed, and 2 others were EH misses in transition. What I think is apparent, is that OB should not, at least at this point, be taking step backs and fade aways. No wonder why some of you are talking about him auditioning.

-EH open 3
-Ty contact no call?
+JC fouled 1-2
-JC to EH miss 3
-JC miss layup, bad decision 1 on 3
+Ty fouled 2-2
-EH contact, no call
-Ty offensive foul
+Ty fouled 2-2

Thoughts: No surprise. We don’t run much lol. This was all Ty or JC by themselves with the occasional EH joining in. These guys are tough in the open court but didn’t always make the best decisions. Where is Frank? We need more guys getting down court.


When our half court defense was executed well, it worked. Even though Frank had a couple of slow moments, he had several contested threes that resulted in bad shots and airballs. He was very late on one in particular, though, near the end of the game. He failed to rotate and Ty let him know about it. Overall though, we forced them into some terrible shots.

I counted 5 successful traps in the corner of the zone. Usually this is done by a forward and a center. That is pretty awesome. Chukwu was involved in most of these with either OB or MD.

Another cool moment was when Tyus called Sid to come up for a double team and JC got a steal out of it.

IIRC Old Dominion only made one contested 3 and you could argue that Ty was late getting his hands up as that play was developing. Most of their make were glaring defensive breakdowns. Poor rotations by Eh(2), Sid, JC, Buddy, Frank. You also have to consider another jumper that EH allowed when he bit on a pump fake as well as Chu fouling a 3point shot.

The transition d was not good in the beginning of the second half. They fastbreaked two possessions in a row after the Chu missed ally and the Sid non-catch.

Thoughts: Don’t know what else to say but the defense works when the players execute.

This probably doesn’t show anything we don’t already know. Lol.
really couldn't follow the whole post but appreciate anybody who puts in such time and effort.
really couldn't follow the whole post but appreciate anybody who puts in such time and effort.
thanks. I know the format was kind of crappy. Just notes I jotted down. I should have mentioned that the +/- was whether we scored or not.

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