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2nd String
Aug 26, 2011
Dear SU Alumni and SU Hockey Fans,

We are proud to announce that Syracuse University hockey is coming off of its most successful season in program history. The team finished the season with a 23-7 record and an NECHL playoff championship. Finishing one game outside of a national tournament birth, we are unbelievably excited to carry our recent success into the 2011-2012 season. Coach Brian Renna and Jamie Huff have done a tremendous job developing the program to put us in the position we are today.

As excited as we are about the bright future of Syracuse hockey, we are deeply concerned with the financial state of our program. The expenses of last season has depleted all of the money we received/raised from last school year. We are being forced to raise dues yet again to $1600 per player, up $600 per player from the 2007-2008 season. These financial struggles force many players to quit the team, and the hefty dues required from each player tend to scare incoming talent away. Our Coach has even helped players pay their dues out of his own pocket, but he can only do so much for so many people.

Syracuse Hockey continues to work on the financial state of our program. We are currently in the process of constructing a Syracuse University Hockey Booster Club, which will be responsible for planning fundraisers and helping manage the financial stability of the program. The booster club plans to initiate multiple fundraisers to help the state of the program including a golf tournament, a campus carwash, and jersey sale. We are also considering running various silent auctions if we can acquire donated items.

The University provides our program with a significant amount of money each year, but they fail to recognize the increasing costs of ice time, officials, transportation, and hotel expenses we face year after year. The money we received from the University last year was unfortunately not even enough to cover our ice time expenses with Tennity Ice Skating Pavillion, our University-owned rink on campus. Many other ACHA programs receive enough money to at least provide the teams with adequate ice time and team apparel. It is always nice to be able to purchase team apparel because it gives our players a sense of team pride and allows people to recognize we do in fact have a legitimate ice hockey program they can support on campus. A lack of financial funds also causes us to miss out on many hockey opportunities as well. For example, this year Syracuse was invited to play at Oklahoma University, a perennial top 10 nationally ranked ACHA program. They offered to pay for our stay in Oklahoma and all we had to do was get there. We unfortunately could not commit to making the trip because we currently have run our funds from last year dry. Thanks to your help, last year we were able to take the team out of debt with the University for the first time in almost 10 years. We are not looking to return to such a financial state.

I am asking you, the friends and supporters of SU hockey, from the bottom of our hearts, to help us in any way that you possibly can. Any donations will significantly aid our team in our serious pursuit of the program’s first ever trip to the ACHA National Championships in Cleveland, Ohio next year.
If you would like to donate to the Syracuse Men’s Ice Hockey Team, please make checks out to Friends of SU Hockey, a non-profit organization that manages our expenses. Checks can be directly mailed to the following address:

Friends Of SU Hockey
c/o Mr. Mike Moracco
123 Shirley Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13224

For anyone considering donating to the Syracuse Men's Hockey program through 'Friends of SU Hockey.' This organization is a 501 (c) 3 entity and all donations made to 'Friends of SU Hockey' are tax deductible. All the paperwork for the donations will be made available. If you have any further questions regarding our team, donations, etc. feel free to contact Captain, Dan Folkman at dmfolkma or Assistant Captain, Wes Rene at wmrene. Thank you for all your support; without you, we are not in the exciting position we are in today. Go Orange!


Dan Folkman
Captain, Syracuse Men’s Hockey
Class of 2012

Wes Rene
Assistant Captain, Syracuse Men’s Hockey
Class of 2013

Ryan Fogg
Assistant Captain, Syracuse Men’s Hockey
Class of 2012

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