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Roster impact from coaching change

There are few players on this team I would lose sleep over transferring out of the program.

The guys I would NOT want to lose and do everything to keep are: Allen, OG, Villari, Reed, Wax, McDonald, Barron, Clark, Wohlabaugh, Lockett, Jaquez, Jobity, Bellamy, Gould, Farmer, Lowery

Some of the younger guys that I would not want to lose and attempt to keep are: Joe Cruz, Enrique Cruz, Mack, Bailey, Perry, Ty Gordon, Ike Daniels, Gill, Jalil Smith

Recruits I would do everything to keep: Tremble (TE), Haile (WR), Mcmorris (DL), Williams (QB), Hart (RB), Brown (LB), Goodcare (OL), the Dye twins. I think these guys are guys you gotta try and keep and would have the highest chance to make an impact here of the recruits we have committed right now.

Everyone else, wouldn’t be a huge loss in my opinion. I think these guys would be a good core to build a team around. This isn’t a total rebuild at all. Dino didn’t leave the cupboard empty, we have some talent to work with. These are the guys I think would be best to start off with on the current team, then bring in some transfers and you have a decent amount of talent on this team. If you bring in some decent transfers with this core group of guys and a good coaching staff. No reason you can’t win 8-9 with the schedule we have next year.
The offense needs work even if all the guys you mention stay, definitely in better shape on defense, as of this moment at least. Should be an interesting holiday season
I weirdly don’t worry as much about rbs leaving. Bigger schools usually have bell cows in place.

If Allen stays he’s the absolute starter. If he goes it’s all bets are off if he wants a higher profile program.

Gadsen imo is bigger but I think he’s gone via nfl.
No. Any player who has transferred more than once has to sit a year if he transfers again. Unless he is a Grad Transfer.

I believe when the NCAA put the portal in place that eliminated the rule about players being able to transfer and play immediately if a coach was fired. It was redundant.
And I was wrong. Players who had a coach fired in the last 30 days were allowed to enter the portal yesterday,
Villari isn’t going anywhere. He already burned his transfer plus he’s found success here and he’s close to home.
He’s the last guy I’m worried about losing.

LQA is my top concern. Praying for a bowl bid and a quick hire so guys can get comfortable with a new coach.

I remember Dungey was 1 foot out the door until he met Dino and new staff.
And I was wrong. Players who had a coach fired in the last 30 days were allowed to enter the portal yesterday,

Does this include players who previously transferred into the school from a 4-year institution (Villari or Clark) as well as those who transferred in from a 2-year institution (Reed)?
Just for the helluvit -

If Ja’Had Carter or Duce Chestnut wanted to play in Syracuse again, could they next year?

I think they might need to wait until they’re grad transfers (which most likely isn’t the case) but curious if anyone has the answer here.

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