This is the team we were expecting to see


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Nov 26, 2018
U sayalmost exactly the same stuff as me. I did feel Foster had a better game today but ur right about getting other guys reps. Really wanna see Jonas get some time and see how he is. Saw Richards and he did really well but didn’t see him in second half. I wonder if he is hurt or what but his length and aggressiveness bodes well for this defense. Love the downhill movement bye the whole front seven or six. I thought our line did well and I wonder if they make more improvements do they get rid of Cav still or no. Was a bit more aggressive blocking also from oline like they were trying to pancake people which I haven’t seen all year. I think they should let a few other oline guys play to get reps for next year. Don’t remember seeing Tisdale today at lg at all.
I have been vocal about Richards... you can see on tape he has the speed, size and athleticism required .. I have also seen a kid that needs more experience though because I can tell by his movements he is unsure sometimes... yesterday I did not see him after he misdiagnosed a play, vacated his zone and took 3 or 4 steps forward and they completed a slant that would have not been there if he read the play right...

This is where I disagree with some of the staff on this team... A player like Richards, with the physical tools mentioned above has upside to be an above average LB at our level.. Experience and learning from mistakes on the field is going to make him a better player faster because he just has more in his tool box than anyone but Jones that gets playing time right now. He should have been getting 50% of the snaps this year IMO and his development would be much farther along and we would be a stronger unit for it overall especially heading into next year.. We just cant afford not to develop our best athletes W/size earlier because we just don't get them at every position like the factories do... I have a concern about our staffs ability to develop players and because its not at only 1 or 2 positions.. it might be a philosophy thing..


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Aug 28, 2011
How we react to Louisville will tell bunches. Louisville is a much improved team over last season. Hopefully, this teamed learned a few things against Duke. Now, the question is, will they take it to the next level.


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Aug 26, 2011
I remember one high snap that TD was able to bring in. Were there other bad snaps?
We only seeing one game with him at center. We don't know what he has shown in practice that may or may not gave the staff hesitation.

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