Tyler Ennis has interest from every angle

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    Let’s start with the basics: It’s a long shot for Illinois to win the recruitment of Tyler Ennis, the 2013 prospect at St. Benedict’s High in Newark, N.J.

    That’s in part because Syracuse has come calling – and visiting – so often.


    “Jim Boeheim has been in this gym a number of times himself,” St. Benedict’s coach Mark Taylor said.

    And past the Orange, Ennis – regarded by many as a top-five point guard in the country – has a long list of suitors. Louisville, Baylor, Wake Forest, UCLA and Arizona have all been recruiting him hard. Georgia Tech is “all over him,” Taylor said, and Memphis “loves him.” Kansas has been in the mix, too.


    “Everybody likes him, loves him. I’d say right now Syracuse has done the best job as far as showing the most love,” Taylor said.

    Still, Ennis hasn’t tipped his hand yet, and Illinois has reportedly offered and been diligent. Ennis was quoted in May by CBS Sports as saying the Illini are among the schools recruiting him the hardest.

    There’s a reason for that, Taylor said.

    “You’re not going to find a better point guard in that class right now,” Taylor said. “There might be a couple guys who score better, there might be a couple guys who are more explosive. But as an overall player and IQ and everything else, you’re not going to find a better point guard.

    “He can handle the ball very well. He’s got a lot of length. He’s about 6-foot-3 and has great athleticism. He can score from inside, he has a good 3-point shot. He has a great feel for the game where he gets everybody involved, which as a point guard is great. He has a great ability to score, but he gets everybody else involved first and scores when he has to score.”

    A decision is likely to come in October or November for Ennis, Taylor said. Prior to that, he may narrow his list down, but for now the plan is to get through the July evaluation period and then have Ennis sit down with his family.

    When that time comes, many schools will be on edge awaiting his choice.


    “The thing that differentiates him is his ability to stay calm in any situation. He never panics. He has such poise and composure. I haven’t seen that at this level, and I’ve had some pretty good guards,” said Taylor, who coached Duke legend Jason Williams.

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