Use of the pick play.


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Aug 29, 2011
For the first time that I can remember an SU player went by a pick so close it forced the opposing player to foul the pick in an attempt to go over the top. Usually the SU player goes so wide on the pick that it is not difficult for the opponent to get by if he so chooses. I know the ball handler has to be aware if the guy guarding the pick hedges on him but still most times the ball handler never comes close to the pick. Why? Shouldn't he try to cut that as close as possible? And another thing wouldn't the pick and roll be more effective with an offensive player that can actually do something if he gets a pass? Like Brissett. Or even Hughes. Or let Battle pick for Frank.

Marty McFly

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Jul 30, 2016
I don't think BC was too smart on defense. Usually this season, the "pick" is far too often just for show and leads to a hard hedge by the defense as they jump the pick which created a double team of Frank or Ty. No defense worth their weight should respect our Centers. The other thing I see is the slip screen, which doesn't work either, because you need to establish that the pick is effective before slipping to the goal. Either the bigs don't pick properly, or the D doesn't respect our Centers. or both.
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