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WMU Postgame Discussion.

The good news is both injuries look like ankles and not knees.
The thing with a high ankle sprain, if that's what it is for Gadsden, is that it's not really the ankle. It's the interosseous membrane between the tibia and fibula. A lot of the time if guys come back from that in the same season, they're way less mobile because they take so long to heal.
Or, maybe they put the boot on him in an attempt to have Purdue think he will be on the rack for a while. Once he got dinged, and they were shutting him down, could they have tried to make it look worse than it is? AKA Dino disinformation.
My wife suggested this, and I called her crazy. LIke a fox.
I don't have a chance to be part of the game thread, so I read it after the game. Boy oh boy, do we have some of the silliest fans of any sport on this planet. I lost count of "well, that didn't age well" comments.
Where are the game threads this year? I was going to ask why we stopped that tradition.
Every game is winnable, Clemson looks to be down, UNC struggled with Appalachian State. Florida St looks like the toughest, but ya never know.

And those 3 games are together in the middle of the season. If we win 1 I feel great about the last 5 after.
One of the concerns I had was the tackling of Farmer and Gould. Reminded me of SU in the past. Hitting a guy but not wrapping up and letting him gain more yards. Needs to be fixed going forward. Interesting both came from Nebraska.
There was one play where one of our defensive players just ran right by a WMU ball carrier. Wasn't sure what he was trying to do. It looked like he was trying to tackle him with his mind. I'm like, "Who the hell is #20?" Farmer.
I am going to refrain from freaking out about the OLine until I see what happens next week

I’m still a little nervous on what I’m seeing but we won’t know until next week and the weeks after.
Why are we concluding OG has a high ankle sprain? I think they might boot him as a precaution regardless. Might just be a bad sprain - who knows?

When he was laying on the turf, he wasn't grabbing his ankle.

He was grabbing the area above his ankle.
Postgame Archive is a sub-forum to the Football forum. Go out to the Forum listing and look right below the Football forum title.
Yes that’s where they go afterwards, but where is it during the actual game?
Sorry if asked but the confusion in the 1st quarter on what down it was...how does that happen?
Sorry if asked but the confusion in the 1st quarter on what down it was...how does that happen?

Not the first time. Didn't Colorado get 5 downs years ago that ended up allowing them to win the game?
The defense can be an all time great unit. There aren’t any Conley’s. Darius’, Woden’s or Green’s out there but there are waves of pretty talented guys playing an unique defense at a post grad level.

Not throwing freshman out there out of desperation, for example Rashard Perry would be in the rotation in the past. The team speed is excellent. Probably not elite, it’s really good.

I remember watching McDonald's sack, like he was fired out of a cannon, and thinking many of our LBs this century don't get there in time.

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