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A Few Observations From the Ground in Siena


Jun 7, 2018
I know there is a game 3 thread but for those who care I thought I’d throw out a few in person observations you might not have been able to see on your computer.
-despite the SU athletic department indicating tickets would be 13 euros, we were able to walk-in free of charge. Self seating wherever you wanted.
-almost every Cuse fan was traveling with the team. Very few people like my kids and I who happened to be in the area. Cuse fans still did the stand and clap at beginning of halves (side note I have always hated this tradition because I fear it puts too much pressure on our guys at the beginning of a game, silly I know).
-old school arena with no concessions and bathrooms that appeared to be hidden. No announcers except for introductions and no player stats on scoreboard which had places for them. Floor warn out at the free throw lines. After the game everybody was allowed to go out and shoot. So my kids were shooting with JB Jr. and Gmac among others.
-free parking literally next to the arena
-refs were wearing ill fitting uniforms from the future and refused to call traveling. One of them fell out of bounds, appeared close to death and then popped up like a soccer player
- JB was beyond gracious and friendly and took pictures with anyone who wanted after the game. So did many of the players.
- Donna Dikota of the Post Standard was friendly and fun to talk to
-strange to see us play man but I liked it
-Carey was Considerably faster than anybody on the court. He look like he could’ve scored 25 if he really wanted to. His shot still did not look fluid from the outside though. But his confidence seems to be growing.
-Guerrier Looks like a bigger and much more talented and cerebral version of the player we hoped Paul Harris might be. By far the most imposing athlete on the floor he did a lot of good things that don’t necessarily show up in the box like take care of the ball, anticipate rebounds and take his time in the low post. Oozes confidence and appears well respected by his teammates.
-Even on fast breaks Girard seems to be always thinking three. I did like the way he handled the ball and he clearly has a ton of confidence in his ability to score. I did think they were times when they were playing man-to-man that he was a step slow. His stroke as you saw is pure.
-I get what the staff sees in Edwards. He actually has a nice stroke. But I don’t expect much out of him for at least two years. He has low post moves but he takes forever to use them and was easily pushed off his spot when he got the ball down low. Not an explosive jumper yet.
-Goodine Is an elite athlete who I would be shocked if he wasn’t a fan favorite in the dome within the next year or so. On one occasion he had trouble getting the ball past a defender when he was picked up full court so his transition to a point guard is still a work in progress. His shot is a little bit unorthodox but he follows through and shoots with confidence and made some.
-As advertised on twitter Bourama did look more athletic on d and rebounding but his offense looked the same. Still brings the ball down, still misses bunnies.
-Braswell was all over the place on both ends, high motor and showed a nice jumper. I envision him developing into Kris Joseph II.
-The other team was clearly lacking in talent but I enjoyed the way we looked to push the ball and share it. The ball kept moving which was great to see. If you didn’t see it make sure you see the move Carey made in the first half.


Woman of a certain age
Aug 27, 2011
That was great! Nice color commentary and good in game observations. And a Paul Harris reference! Thank you for taking the time to do this!


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Sep 5, 2011
was that donna dikota or hanna montana ?

-refs were wearing ill fitting uniforms from the future and refused to call traveling. One of them fell out of bounds, appeared close to death and then popped up like a soccer player

nice similitude. or perhaps a zulily ad.
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