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Swear to never use the phrase "horsing around" again


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Aug 21, 2011
as long as I live. As noted by me and others the Feds absolutely positively need to get involved in this little incestuous Stepford wife cultish community that State College appears to be. In one way shape or form it seems most everyone down there is somehow connected at least tangentially to at least some of the guilty parties, whether Sandusky, the charity, PSU or the ones who covered up this.

It seems to me that in their attempt at fairness in my travels too many want to continue to give the benefit of the doubt to Paterno (away from here) and the only conclusion I can bring is their too busy to be exposed to the writings and details of this from the Grand Jury account to the articles and interviews. This is cut and dried at this point to me having paid close attention and they'll need the unbiased Feds to get to the bottom of what is the biggest scandal in my lifetime I think. I agree with Masons take on McGeary especially if he did in one way shape or form make sure it stopped. Theres wiggle room in all this for his take to be accurate.

This is all too big to be covered up going forward due to the nature of children being involved is what I'm thinking. I'm inclined to say cancel any series with PSU going forward, but most especially if they perpetrators doe end up getting off from being convicted with this heinous scandal. This already went away but all should hear this guy.


Also Theory Fluery on mad dog today was riveting having gone through, faltered, survived and now prospering after overcoming a similar experience. I can't believe some are still on the fence on this but that's what I hearing from some and I'm doing my best bees like impersonation from here in my own circle providing links etc. After hearing the fear that the victims are dealing with last night on TV I'm almost tempted to contact whomever is the appropriate political person to contact with regard to pushing Fed involvement in this.

Craziest worst thing in my lifetime or at least with an event that in my sphere of the world I pay attention to.

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