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Aug 15, 2011
OK - it now obvious that we have a big six (Melo, CF, KJ, BT, DW, and Scoop) and a little three (JS, RC, and MCW). We also have Keita who at this point is in the middle of the two groups, but falling fast based upon his NY performance.

Our much touted depth has fallen fast as the competition has intensified. If we are to be a great team we will need more than six.

I have no issues with the first six. I am in disagreement with those who say that we can't go deep with CJ as the PF. Yes, he sometimes gives up a bit on the glass as an undersized four, but he adds so much more in so many ways. He is a good defender, he is a very good rebounder (for his size), at least half his points seem to come on putbacks or broken plays that would otherwise be a change of possession. That adds about 5 free points per game. He is now an outside threat. He plays with maturity and rarely makes the dumb play. To me, all of those positives easily outweight that sometimes maybe he is a couple of boards short of what a bigger guymight garner. Trust me, if at some point down the road we fall short the onus will not be on CJ. It will be due to Kris or Brandon having a disappearing game, Melo in foul trouble, a bad Scoop game, a Dion reverting game, etc.

Looking the others - we badly need Keita to contribute. he is a very key player IMHO. Melo is rising, but sooner or later he will have foul trouble games or simply games when he doesn't get it done. We will not go far without another effective big. BMK needs to become part of a big 7 or at the very least a big 6 1/2.

As for the "little" three. MCW is a luxury and is not really needed with our strong three primary guard rotation. Anything he contributes is simply gravy. We will need him next year.

That leaves Rak and James. I doubt either one will consistantly do the job as a rotational player. However, we will need one of them to step up at least some of the times. I have posted many times, and still feel, like Rak is raw and at leat a season away. However, that does not mean that once in awhile he can't help. James is the wildcard. I have never been as big on James as most other son this board, but the huge inverse discrepancy between what he contributes relative to the level of competition surprises even me. Many players need more patience and need to let the game come to them. James is the opposite, he needs to be more aggressive and to increase his level of physicality. He needs to be more than a guy who camps at the trey line and sometimes gets hot if he is to be an integral part of the rotation. There is no reason that he can't contribute 10 - 15 MPG.


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Aug 26, 2011
believe spot on...Keita may be key...and I am not sure why his two games in NYC have been so bad...yes last night he was slapped with some rediculous fouls...but for two games...not 1 shot attempt; few if any rebounds...he played better with his hand injured last year...hmmmm; is his hand really healed?

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