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When it is JB's time to go out to pasture...

He’s not coming back.
Although at this rate maybe he will be compelled to return and rescue the program. If he still has any love and fond memories of Syracuse, it must pain him to see this happen.
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JB did not "decide to stay." Per his agreement with the chancellor, he was leaving at the end of the 2018 season. It was all set for Mike to become the coach. Then, in the 2017 off-season, Mike was offered the job at UWash, and he took it. It was an awkward time to find and hire a new coach.The school did the logical thing and asked their HOF coach to stay on. Why is that so difficult to understand?

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that timeline. We can agree to disagree.
I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that timeline. We can agree to disagree.
You can believe or not believe anything you want. But if you doubt cto on this front, you're on the wrong side of the argument.
Some people say I don't post often enough. Then, when I do post, they say it isn't true.

Just two facts:

1) JB made a firm agreement with the school in the wake of the NCAA action in 2015 (when some people were calling for him to be fired) that he would coach for only three more years.

2) Before the end of the 2017 season, plans were well under way to hold a Jim Boeheim Day in Onondaga County before the start of Jim's final year -- to celebrate his career at SU and his role in the community. These plans were spearheaded by County Exedutive Mahoney. The plans were obviously cancelled when Mike left and Jim was asked to stay.

Maybe I should stop posting again.
Before JB was to retire after the 2017 season who was making final decisions on recruiting between Hop and JB, i.e whom to offer, whom to dedicate time after? JB was not the HCIW.

It’s not as simple that JB was retiring and Hop decided to leave. Hop wasn’t in a position to control recruiting. I have been told for a fact Hop wanted to target a certain guard and JB didn’t want him and that guard was going to spend a clear majority of his career in a potential Hop Era.
Hop was a loyal soldier.
You clearly know more than pretty much everyone on this board. I just think its more that Hop didn’t want to force JB to retire before he was ready even though Hop had an agreement to take over for 2018 he didn’t want to push JB out.

The NCAA BS had to tick off JB that they were getting to push him out as SU clearly made JB’s retirement announcement part of a potential offer to mitigate penalties from the NCAA which didn’t work.
The state of the program Hop was taking over wasn’t setting him up for success. As 2 years of reduced scholarships and limited coaches on the road for recruiting in his first 2 years wouldn’t have helped.
Hop leaving when he did also did 100% impact Lydon’s decision to leave for good to the NBA. He was a Hop guy and while he likely goes to the NBA anyway his decision was final when Hop left. JB in his press conference in 2017 after Hop left didn’t even know Lydon had signed with an agent already when he talked about him.
There was tension on the staff with the recruiting decisions. Hop did right by his mentor IMO and I don’t begrudge JB for wanting to continue coaching.
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