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Jun 18, 2018
I believe since the latest news revealed that Fran is a great D mind and the No. 1 recruiter in the country but hasn't called plays, it seems obvious that he would need and take a very close look at Beck, who IMO in the last two weeks, has shown us what he can do with an injured O and make it work to our advantage and win games with the injured. Beck is very smart and the Wake game proved that. I hope that Fran reviews the resumes of all our staff before concluding anything and bringing in his own.
Having Jason Beck call the plays while Fran handles the overall, I think, is a great idea.

Also, he and Campanile know each other, both from NJ and I can see them working together to recruit and sign up the best in that state and others up and down the east coast including Florida to get our recruiting number where it should be in the top 10 - 15. I think we can look forward to that and seeing our team rising in stature next season.

The QB situation needs immediate attention. Of the players we have, I would consider placing Dan Villari at the number one position at this moment. He's smart, tough, throws a nice ball and runs as well as Shrader if not better. Then you go looking at the transfer portal for more good talent to fill the room with players who can back up well step in and we don't have to wonder how good or bad that situation may be. Perhaps some of his recruits will come with him.

It's going to be very interesting to see how all of this can develop into a new cohesive unit both on D & O. With Fran being the D mind he is, I'm not as concerned as I am about the O situation and who the QB will be running things. I think it's all good and I'm excited to see this all come together into a new SU winning football program.
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