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Nunzio Prophet
Aug 14, 2011
  • The biggest loss in this game wasn't Battle, it was Chuckwu. He was the only one who had a chance at slowing down Zion and his cheap fouls killed us. His 3rd foul was a direct result of not blocking out Zion for the Defensive rebound and then following him to try to make up for it. Zion is great, but we had little to no resistance in the 1st half. Can't let him have a dunk fest-Gotta make him hit a real shot
  • I usually defend Frank and he definitely kept us in this game, but was disappointed when he loafed back a few times after turning the ball over. As I discussed in my last post game post, he is our 2nd most consistent shooter after Boeheim. Maybe we should switch him and Battle up and play Battle more at PG and Frank at SG.
  • Thought in some ways, Elijah was the mirror image of Frank. Great effort on Defense, but didn't step up on offense. I think many of us could see him forcing up the 3 after Tre Jones hit his on the other end.
  • Not going to address the trip here, as it's discussed plenty elsewhere.
  • Playing Dolezaj in the middle against Zion is asking for trouble. I know Chuckie was in foul trouble, but thought Sidibe gave us something defensively and thought he should have played more in the 2nd half, in spite of his G-d awful FT shooting. Dolezaj couldn't do anything in this game with the physicality and Duke's aggressive D.
  • People were mocking me in the game thread for saying we need to post up Oshae more-He made me look good. he has been finishing very well in recent weeks. he just needs to be more assertive in demanding the ball more now. JB should be facilitating this.
  • Buddy B. continuing his good play, though he did fall asleep on Defense a couple of times, including allowing a wide open 3 off an onbounds play. His play makes me feel a little more optimistic next year (though Hughes lack of initiative does the opposite for me).

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