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Aug 26, 2011
- Last year we went to the coast to play a good Pac 10 team, got off to a good start, let the game get away from us and lost by three touchdowns. Nobody was even thinking about that game when the season was over.

- I never felt that we were being psychically dominated or embarrassed in this game. I was hoping that the score wouldn’t get out of hand because that would make it look like we were. It really came down to the drops and a couple of blown coverages, both of which had to do with the safety, (Philip Thomas blitzed and got picked up: Shamarko Thomas was injured on the previous play- the other long pass was a true freshman pressed into service due to another injury). We just had to play a perfect game because we lack explosiveness and we didn’t.

- Nassib, despite the pressure and the lack of a running game, is putting together a fabulous season. He’s now 74 for 102 for 726 yards, 7TDs and one interception. His poise and ability to throw on the run and under pressure is really the only thing that’s going for us at the present time. Imagine what he could do if we could figure out how to protect him?

- I hope we see a lot more passes to Bailey and Provo. I think it’s obvious that Marrone and Hackett held back on passing to them in the first two games so USC wouldn’t have those plays on tape. With them, Chew and Lemon and Nassib on fire, we could be dynamic against teams that aren’t full of NFL draft picks.

- Hopefully we’ll get Chandler Jones back and Shamwow will be OK. Remember, the offense was supposed to carry a young defense early in the year. They aren’t and it’s making the defense look worse than they are. This defense could be really good when they grow up- and it could be this year.

- We all had this one as a loss. That didn’t make it any more pleasant to watch but it should make it easy to put it behind us. We are still very early in the rebuilding program. Again, Coach Mac’s breakthrough was in his seventh year and Ben’s in his eighth. There will be other days like this but we will get there. We need to be patient and loyal.

2-1 and 9 to come


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