Miami QB play |

Miami QB play

UM is unwatchable. Hard to believe this is the same team that beat UNC by 5 TD's and Pitt by 3? Their OL is a disaster.
Miami seems to be at the point where the coach has lost the team.
I’m not much for bravado and chest thumping, but I’m going to do a little bravado and chest thumping: if we played these turnover chain chumps in ‘18, we boat-race them out of the building.

^^ Mark Richt looking at his QB depth chart for 2019
Seems to happen a lot at Miami.

And Al Golden still hasn't been able to get anything above NFL position coach ever since.

I remain surprised that some college program hasn't given him a shot.

The U isn't for everyone.
Richt lost plenty of teams at Georgia, too. Not sure this is 100% based on location.
You know Wisconsin just loved to make those Miami divas fold in the cold weather.

As Eddie Murphy once said, “s-o-f-capital T. sofffTUH.”
Richt better get a good transfer QB or it’s going to be a bumpy season for them again next year. Hate seeing the ACC get the weak conference talk but it’s deserved this year

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